9 Plan Crashes That Killed Sports Teams, Disaster!

Plane crashes that killed entire sports teams! These tragic airplane disasters ended the lives of many athletes/athletic clubs throughout the world.
9: The Wichita State University Football Team, 1970
In October 1970, two chartered planes in Wichita were loaded with the Wichita State University Football Team. Both aircrafts were bound for Logan, Utah, for the team’s game against Utah State University. The plane which carried the team’s reserve players, assistant coaches, and other support staff landed at its destination safely as it stuck to its original flight plan
8: Hendrick Motorsports, 2004
Fiery crashes are something quite common in car racing. However, the Hendrick team found themselves facing their worst vehicle accident ever outside of the circuit and high up in the air in October 2004. The horrific event not only rocked the Hendrick family, but all of NASCAR. It was supposed to be a short flight carrying 8 Hendrick Motorsports team members from Concord, North Carolina to attend a race in Martinsville, Virginia. Among the passengers were the team’s president John Hendrick and his two daughters, Ricky Hendrick who was heir apparent to the team founded by his father Rick, their general manager, and chief engine builder. They all never made it. It was a rainy and foggy day. Due to poor visibility, the plane missed its first attempt to land
7: The Cuban National Fencing Team, 1976
What’s horrible about this tragedy is that unlike the others mentioned here, this plane crash was no accident, but the result of a deliberate terrorist attack. Cubana de Aviacion Flight 455 was a Cuban airliner bound to Jamaica from Barbados on October 6, 1976. Among its 68 passengers were 24 members of Cuba’s national fencing team that had just swept all the gold medals in the Central American and Caribbean Championships
6: The Members of Manchester United Football Club, 1958
Today Manchester United is arguably the most well known soccer club on the planet. With 20 Premier League titles to their name, they are the most successful club in English history, as well as one of the most successful on the world stage
5: Alianza Lima Peru Soccer Team, 1987
In December 1987, Alianza Lima – Peru’s most famous and best supported club in the country – were returning home from a Peruvian league match in Pucallpa when catastrophe hit them hard. The plane’s indicator on its control panel seemed to be malfunctioning, so the pilot did a flyby at the control tower of Lima’s airport, just so that spotters could confirm him that the plane’s landing gear was down
4: The Zambia National Soccer Team, 1993
The 1993 Zambian national soccer team was among the best the country ever had. They showed so much potential, having destroyed Italy 4-0 at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, and were among the favorites to win the African Cup of Nations. The team was also extremely close to securing a spot in their first World Cup. Even in a poverty stricken country, the nation had managed to assemble one of the best teams Africa had ever seen. But then tragedy struck
3: The Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Hockey Team, 2011
September 7, 2011 goes down as one of the worst days ever in the history of pro hockey. It was the eve of the start of a new season for the Kontinental Hockey League, and Russian based Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team was on their way to their opening match set in Minsk, Belarus. But the plane they were boarding crashed following a botched take-off from Tunonshna Airport
2: The Uruguayan “Old Christians Club” Rugby Team, 1972
This tragedy is probably one of the most famous plane crashes in history. While the impact of the plane crash killed only a quarter of its passengers, the remaining survivors had then succumbed one by one to the unforgiving forces of nature. In October 1972, a Uruguayan rugby club known as the “Old Christians Club” was set to play a match in Santiago, Chile
1: The Marshall University Football Team, 1970
The horrible plane crash involving Marshall University Thundering Herd Football team has been called the deadliest tragedy in the history of sports in America due to its high number of casualties. In November 1970, the Marshall University football team was returning home after losing to the East Carolina Pirates in Greenville, North Carolina

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9 Plan Crashes That Killed Sports Teams, Disaster!

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