Bill Gates Will Donate More Than $70 Billion Of His Wealth!

Bill Gates he is a founder of Microsoft. He has 60 Years Old. He worked hard in his whole life to build a strong brand like “Microsoft”. He did his best for achieving his dream. Sure, it helped him to make a huge amount of money while he was growing his business. He is considered one of the most richest business men around all over the world.

Different opinions, different ideas has been shared in different channels in media around the world about if he is going to donate his money for a foundation after hid dying or he is going to leave his whole money for his three kids” two daughters and one son”.

By The Way, Bill Gates discussed that issue with his kids, and he announced that his children agree and proud of his decision, which is going to be: Leaving his $70 billion fortune to charity when he dies, and his kids will be given a ‘great education’ to help kick-start their own careers.